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I Am Not A Beautiful, Unique Snowflake

Yup. Been kicking about on Kickstarter, and lots of other people are already doing stuff like this.


So here's the roundup, and what makes US different!

It's about FIGHTING. It's also about creativity, synergy, comedy, and it's art-driven. It's quick, and it's competitive. It sounds, in play, more like "pokemon team battles" meets a drinking game. Creative? Yes! Story? Sort of - descriptions of characters and their battle. Think "single scene," more than "movie."

I HEART their videos. Like, surriously.

I got some itchy, creepy feelings when I saw the name, since our game DEFINITELY runs on tropes. BUT! Where our game is STORY/party, theirs is PARTY/story. Both are fast, fun, intuitive, simpe, flexible, and goofy. THEIRS is more "free association," where ours is more "script and character development." Looks fun, and sweet for slasher flick murder sprees!

This reminds me of how I started thinking about Genre - as a card game where people linked the cards together, not by sides, but corners. I even had this whole color-coding system ... I digress. This thing is WAY serious and neat - very focused on cultivating critical thinking and innovative approaches to problem solving and collaboration.

This seems like Cards Against Humanity with a bit of connectivity thrown in - a lot of pop culture references and random creativity. Looks like a cool competitive mechanic for hijacking storylines! More "one-liners" than "big story."

I think this has the most overlap of all these projects. It's a random trope mash-up - the gameplay looks like a zany, madcap free association run. I have to say it's the gameplay that LOOKS/FEELS the most like Genre, though not as focused on narrative arc and character development as humor and creativity. Looks FUN!

Another CAH clone. This one has the whole "draw/act/tell" breakdown, and is clearly a VERY straightforward party game with a bit of charades-style action. Looks wicked fun, and the Kisckstarter video is clever. NOT a unified story or plot, or an RPG of any kind.

Another REEEEEEALLY close call. The major difference? You're composing MULTIPLE movies, using a limited range of tropes, not in immediate charge of any specific characters. The mechanics look cool - there's the ability to trade and a "budget" resoure to manage, and so on. You don't tell a story from the get-go; it's more the "in a world ..." trailer at the END of the game.

And THAT'S just what you find with a "story + tabletop" game search on Kickstarter. Who KNOWS what's being cooked up in basements right now?

In the final read, we're doing something that's very NOW, methinks. The things I think we're doing that I DIDN'T see:

1) unified, coherent Plot:

We've got Script DMs (Development Mats ... heh!) that guide your free-association creativity through a narrative arc that models one of the archetypal flicks of the Genre in question. We have had our share of really weird narratives, but we've also written some pretty wickedly tight scripts, too - it's set up so you can be as serious as you want to be or as casually goofy as you like.

2) Characters with story:

Our Character DMs do the same trick for your character's story. Goldy Stripper MIGHT be a single-note trope from horror flicks, but it makes a difference if she's the Hardcore Heroine or the Hopeful Romantic. Based on the story arc on her Char DM, she'll play one of two VERY different roles in the Script, making for infinite replayability and a more in-depth approach to cinematic story-telling.

3) evocative cards:

Yep, everybody's got these, but ours ... well, I think our tropes, split into Performances and Plot Hooks, allow for a VERY thoughtful blend of emotionally moving, ridiculous, romantic, terrifying, and intense performances and elements of the script that help everyone shape the larger narrative. Plus, I like to think they're pretty well written and evocative (they should be - I've edited 'em enough!).

I guess, all in all, we're shooting for SCALE: you can play it fast, loose, and zany, or thoughtful, nuanced, and character-driven, and EITHER way have unlimited re-playability, a story-driven game, quick, intuitive play, and ...

... a damn good time.

There, that's my pitch, I'm spent.


EDIT: Another VERY similar game - THIS one a finalist from Cards Against Humanity's Tabletop Deathmatch 2015:

This is ALSO similar ... BUUUUUT NOT. Labeled cards that are sorta tropey? Check. Improv/story-telling? Yup. But there's no over=arching plot, and people are competing to "pitch" their short story on how they, as assassins, "get the job done" (do the VERB to the NOUN in the PLACE), Looks FUN, though!

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