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Tools for Prototyping!

I learned a lot about these, so I thought I'd share!

Inkscape: free, and does everything Photoshop does! Maybe a little less of an intuitive interface in some ways, but if you're a budding designer who needs to move around, re-order, edit, and cobble together vectors, you can't go wrong. Did I mention it's FREE? It is.

Scrap-book Cutter, Sleeves, Playing Cards: This combo is AMAZING for prototyping a card game. It's simple: just make an 8-card spread and save it as a .png file, then use it as a background watermark in your Word file. Put in columns that keep the text confined to the cards, and you've got a really easy prototyping editor for a whole lot of different cards.

Print'em out, use the cutter, and sleeve'em with whatever cards are laying around. Play, figure out what's wrong, and go into Word and edit that text! Print again, slice n' dice, and you're testing. Woo!

Plastic Paper Clips: Are god's gift to trackers. SUCH a simple, cheap way to track dang near anything - a score, life, story points, applause - whatever. We use them to track Applause on Character DMs, and to show what Icons have been played to help move the Script on to the next Act.

Laminator: Crucial for any kind of mats you want to use, since without lamination, that mat's not likely to last past one or two games. There are cheap ones out there, for sure!

Having dice, poker cards, or what have you around always helps, too. Shout out to The Game Crafter, who supplied us with more blank cards than we'll ever use, including some little mini-cards that were our first Applause (AND! written on one side in red Sharpie, and BUT! on the other in blue!).

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